Update on the Ashley River pedestrian bridge

Ashley River Crossing conceptualized rendering | Photo via HDR and City of Charleston

The countdown is on for the Ashley River Crossing bike + pedestrian bridge. This pending infrastructure will serve as a separate bike path and stand-alone bridge connecting the end of the West Ashley Greenway to downtown Charleston.

Follow the tentative timeline. ⬇️

Project schedule | Screenshot via City of Charleston

The project is focused on:
🚶 Safety — The bridge will provide a space dedicated to safe travel for bikers + walkers.
🚶 Sustainability — In 30 years, the project is expected to save ~66,210,000 vehicle miles.
🚶 Accessibility — DYK nearly half of the city’s population lives in West Ashley? This bridge will increase access to the peninsula.

As you can see, construction will begin at the earliest in 2023, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. 🚧