Charleston’s new nonprofit organization + volunteer dashboard

Charleston Good’s Grassroots Guide | Image via Charleston Good

This week, Charleston Good, a nonprofit support and resource network, launched a new directory of nonprofit organizations + social enterprises in the Lowcountry.

The Grassroots Guide is an easy-to-use dashboard that allows the community to search for various organizations in 36 categories. The comprehensive index of 500+ listings serves as a one-stop shop for connecting volunteers + local organizations, as well as a place to learn more about nonprofits that are making an impact in the Charleston area.

Charleston Good’s Grassroots Guide | Screenshot via Charleston Good

While this guide is similar to other digital tools like SCIWAY, it is the first of its kind to organize hundreds of the Lowcountry’s orgs in a user-friendly way + is a collaborative project. The community is encouraged to submit listings – as well as update existing ones – to keep it up to date

Why are these organizations so important? South Carolina’s 21,000+ nonprofits employ nearly 90,000 people + generate over $17.5 billion in annual revenue. Charleston is home to nearly 4,000 of these organizations, employing 25,000+ people + earning $4+ billion in revenue each year

Because of the heavy impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on Charleston’s nonprofit industry, the goal of the new Grassroots Guide is to be the definitive resource for members of the community to find volunteer opportunities. The list of present + future opportunities make it simple for people to give back to the groups who have given Charleston so much.  

Click here to learn more, volunteer + submit info.