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The ultimate app for Charleston Beer Week

Attention beer connoisseurs + cicerones– today kicks off the 6th annual Charleston Beer Week. In addition to the 60+ events hop-ening around the city, for the first time ever, Charleston Beer Week has partnered up with Charleston Restaurant Week so not only can you try a new beer (or two), but you can also pair it up with some tasty eats.

The Lowcountry is currently home to 24 production breweries, three brewpubs, + multiple craft-beer focused pubs. And while we all have our go-to brewery, and usually our go-to beer, Charleston Beer Week events are the perfect time to try something new– or at least see what other people have said about it on Untappd.

The deets: Untappd is a geosocial networking app that allows you to check in to breweries, list + rate beers, earn badges, keep up with what your friends are drinking, and more.

Now, we understand that with the multitude of breweries in the tri-county area, choosing the correct chalice may be a challenge. To assist, we tapped into Untappd to find the most popular ranked beers. We then honed in on the brewery and the particulars on that pint.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, that the ratings we posted today, can easily change tomorrow– based on those who imbibe + agree, or disagree, with a beer’s current popularity standing. Not to mention adding in the new brews being kegged every day.

Time to grab your growlers…

Sungazer IPA | Photo by @chsfermentory

🍺 Charles Towne Fermentory
Micro Brewery  |📍809 Savannah Hwy., West Ashley
Most popular rated beer: Sungazer | IPA- American | 6.8% ABV | ⭐ 4.26
🗣 What you said: “Hands down the best beer I have had in Charleston. Nothing else compares.”

🍺 Fam’s Brewing Co.
Micro Brewery |📍1291 Folly Rd., James Island
Most popular rated beer: Skinny Vanilla Latte | Stout – Milk / Sweet | 5% ABV | 4.13
🗣 What you said: My my, could use a touch more body. Nice coffee. Nice vanilla.”


Edmund’s Oast ‘Bound by Time’ | Photo by @eobrewing

🍺 Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co.
Micro Brewery |📍1505 King St., #115
Most popular rated beer: Bound by Time | IPA- American | 7% ABV | ⭐ 3.94
🗣 What you said: Holy sh*t that’s good.”

🍺 Westbrook Brewing Co.
Regional Brewery |📍510 Ridge Rd., Mt. Pleasant
Top rated beer: Gose | Sour- Gose | 4% ABV | ⭐ 3.94
🗣 What you said: “This beer has an open invitation to my home any time. Can move right in if it wants to. My measuring stick for all other goses.”
Available in cans throughout multiple states.

Cup o JoJo | Photo by Ghost Monkey Brewery

 Ghost Monkey Brewery
Nano Brewery |📍522 Wando Ln., Mt. Pleasant
Most popular rated beer: Cup o JoJo | Stout | 6.7% ABV | ⭐ 3.92
🗣 What you said: Up all night!! Smooth!!!”

🍺 Fat Pig Brewing Co.
Micro Brewery |📍3690 State Rd., S-10-1024 | Johns Island
Most popular rated beer: Choco-Potamus | Stout – American Imperial / Double | 10.5% ABV | 3.85
🗣 What you said: Awesome, especially for the South.”

Bronze Medal: Park Circle Pale Ale | Photo by @commonhousealeworks

🍺 Commonhouse Aleworks
Micro Brewery |📍4831 O’Hear Ave., North Charleston
Most popular rated beer: Park Circle Pale | Pale Ale- American | 5.5% ABV | ⭐ 3.81
🗣 What you said: Tasty start to hanging with the fellas.”

Coast Brewing Co. Hop Art | Photo provided by Coast Brewing Co.

🍺 Coast Brewing Co.
Micro Brewery |📍1250 N. 2nd St., North Charleston
Most popular rated beer: HopArt | IPA- American | 7.7% ABV | ⭐ 3.79
🗣 What you said: Truly a work of Hops.”

🍺 Low Tide Brewing Co.
Micro Brewery |📍2863 Maybank Hwy., Johns Island
Top rated beer: Tie One Off IPA | IPA – American | 7.7% ABV | ⭐ 3.78
🗣 What you said: “One of the best sours I’ve had in a bit.”

Pluff Mud Porter | Photo by @Nickie_Stone

🍺 Holy City Brewing
Micro Brewery |📍4155 Dorchester Rd., North Charleston
Most popular rated beer: Pluff Mud Porter | Porter- American | 5.5% ABV | ⭐ 3.77
🗣 What you said: Nice roasty porter with a light chocolate flavor.”

🍺 Palmetto Brewing Co.
Regional Brewery |📍289 Huger St.
Most popular rated beer: Huger Street IPA | IPA – American| 7.2% ABV | 3.7
🗣 What you said: No clue how to pronounce this! Lol.” ProTip: It’s pronounced HU – gee.

🍺 Dockery’s
Micro Brewery |📍880 Island Park Dr., Daniel Island
Most popular rated beer: Controversy IPA | IPA – American | 6% ABV | 3.7
🗣 What you said: Darn good beer. Bitter but not mouth puckering. Good stuff.”

🍺 Pawley’s Island Brewing Company
Micro Brewery |📍2668 Industrial Ave., North Charleston
Most popular rated beer: Little House IPA | IPA – American | 6.5 ABV | 3.76
🗣 What you said: Not super hoppy for an IPA, but good flavor. Smooth.”

🍺 Munkle Brewing
Micro Brewery |📍1513 Meeting Street Rd.
Most popular rated beer: Brugge City Brune | Brown Ale – Belgian | 6.2% ABV | ⭐ 3.75
🗣 What you said: “Great easy drinking Belgian brown.”

🍺 Revelry Brewing Co.
Micro Brewery |📍10 Conroy St.
Most popular rated beer: Lefty Loosey | IPA – American | 7% ABV | ⭐ 3.74
🗣 What you said: “Piney notes. Hoppy and tasty. Good beer.”

Tumbling Monk Porter | Photo by @bombshellbakingco

🍺 Rusty Bull Brewing Co.
Micro Brewery |📍3005 W. Montague Ave., North Charleston
Top rated beer: Tumbling Monk | Porter- American | 5.5% ABV | ⭐ 3.70
🗣 What you said: Awesome beer here..loving the coffee flavors on this one.”

🍺 Snafu Brewing Company
Micro Brewery |📍3280 Industry Dr., North Charleston
Most popular rated beer: Snafu-Tang | Sour – Ale | 5.3% ABV | 3.69
🗣 What you said: Super carbonated. But very good. Orange flavor coming through. Pretty sour. Excited to find it at my local Lowe’s Foods.”

🍺 Freehouse Brewery
Micro Brewery |📍2895 Pringle St. B., North Charleston
Most popular rated beer: Green Door Organic IPA | IPA – American | 6.2% ABV | 3.68
🗣 What you said: “Can is pretty good, fluffy mouthfeel, cohesive hop profile. Classic IPA bitterness on the finish.”

🍺 Cooper River Brewing
Micro Brewery |📍2201 Mechanic St. B.
Most popular rated beer: Orange Infused Blonde Ale | Blonde Ale | 4,1% ABV | ⭐ 3.67
🗣 What you said: ”Blue moon who?”

🍺 Two Blokes Brewing
Micro Brewery |📍547 Long Point Rd. #101, Mt. Pleasant
Most popular rated beer: Drone | IPA – Rye | 7% ABV | 3.67
🗣 What you said: Honey shines through nicely”

🍺 Tradesman Brewing Company
Micro Brewery |📍1647 King St. Ext.
Most popular rated beer: Welder’s Agave Wheat | Pale Wheat Ale | 7.2% ABV | 3.64
🗣 What you said: Very hazy & sweet.”

🍺 Frothy Beard
Micro Brewery  |📍1401 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., West Ashley
Most popular rated beer: ¡Ándale! Pale Ale | Pale Ale – American | 3.63
🗣 What you said: “I am a little surprised how the heat comes through when drinking. Good beer with some jalapeno spice to it.”

🍺 Lo-Fi Brewing
Micro Brewery |📍2038 Meeting Street Rd.
Most popular rated beer: Blueberry Wheat | Fruit Beer | 5.2% ABV | 3.62
🗣 What you said: “Wheaty af and blueberry af.”

🍺 Twisted Cypress Brewing
Micro Brewery |📍1897 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., West Ashley
Most popular rated beer: Dark Harbor Black IPA | Black?Cascadian Dark Ale | 6.9% ABV | 3.62
🗣What you said: My first black IPA in a while. It was what you’d want from one.”

🍺 Oak Road Brewery
Micro Brewery |📍108 E. 3rd N. St., Summerville
Most popular rated beer: Jogglin’ Board | Bock – Maibock / Heller (Helles) / Lentebock | 4.5% ABV | 3.56
🗣 What you said:Bright, bitter and somewhat buttery.”

🍺 Fatty’s Beer Works
Micro Brewery |📍1436 Meeting St.
Most popular rated beer: First Shot | IPA – American | 5% ABV | 3.55
🗣 What you said: “Hoppy and crisp. Refreshing beer. Tastes great on a hot day.”




You can consider this your #MustTry beer list to pair with #MustDo Charleston Beer Week events. If you’re already an Untappd medalistshare this with a pal or two who would love to try out some of these beers for themselves.  

Looking for an even bigger bounty of brew? You can always take a bath in craft beer in Japan.

– Justine