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Free books 365 days a year

Little Free Library located on Johns Island, SC | Image via CHStoday team

Are you looking for a new, free read? There may be a resource in your neighborhood that’s closer than you think. Little Free Libraries can be found all around our community + we’re sharing the locations of these little gems.

Backstory: The concept of Little Free Library began in 2009, when Todd H. Bol of Hudson, WI built a small-scale, hollow replica of a schoolhouse, filled it with books and placed it on his front lawn as a tribute to his mother. (She was a teacher and loved to read.)

After building one for nearly every jealous neighbor in his Wisconsin community, he teamed up with UW-Madison’s Rick Brooks to turn the concept into a nonprofit organization with a mission to increase book access + forge community connections, now called Little Free Libraries.

There are now 100,000+ Little Free Libraries in 85+ countries worldwide.

These libraries are exactly what they sound like – little book nooks located in people’s yards and at local businesses + parks, full of free books of all genres and for all ages. The libraries function on the honor system: when you take a book, you leave a book.

If you want to start your own “LFL,” you can make one yourself or order a kit online – just make sure to register your location. If you know of an area that is in need of an LFL, but the initial cost of set-up is a barrier, read about the Impact Program Library, which allows underserved communities to have a Little Free Library placed in their neighborhood for free.

Looking to read a new title? Check out the Little Free Libraries in your area + search for a specific LFL using this helpful map.


📚 Charleston | 1001 Clearspring Dr. 

📚 Charleston | 1647 Lazylake Ct. 

📚 Charleston | 10 Nassau St. | This LFL supports the Reading with the Dogs program that was started in the neighborhood to help kids improve their reading.

📚 Eaglewood Retreat | 1083 Eaglewood Trail

📚 Charleston | 927 Godber St. 

📚 Charleston | 841 Affirmation Blvd. 

📚 Charleston | 421 Trapier Dr.

📚 Charleston | 5 Ladson St.

📚 Charleston | 38C Ashley Ave.

📚 Charleston | 98 Wentworth St.

📚 Charleston | 156 Spring St.

📚 Charleston | 247 Congress St. | Located on the corner of President + Congress St.

📚 Charleston | 741 King St. | This library is dedicated to all of the students at James Simons Elementary Montessori School. 

📚 The Romney Urban Garden | 222 Romney St. 

📚 Charleston | 1111 King St. | This is an up-cycled newspaper machine located in front of The Charleston Chronicle Newspaper, dedicated to spotlighting Black Literature.

📚 Charleston | 137 Hester St. 

📚 Charleston | 1982 Maybank Hwy.

📚 Charleston | 2085 Wappoo Hall Rd.

📚 Charleston | 15 Ludwell St. 

📚 Charleston | 21 A Oak Forest Dr.

📚 Charleston | 1308 Coosaw Dr.

📚 Charleston | 18 Anita Dr. | Neighborhood children built this library with some help from parents + residents as a way to get to know one another and share books. Community members received funding from the Coastal Community Foundation for this project.

📚 Charleston | 42 Brisbane Dr.

📚 Charleston | 12 Battlesea Dr. | The library was painted by several members of the Parkshore Piranhas Swim Team.

📚 Charleston | 681 Ayers Dr. | This LFL serves the James Island community. 

📚 Charleston | 1335 Winchester Dr.

📚 Charleston | 25 Eton Rd. | This is the first LFL in the Sandhurst neighborhood. It is located a short walk from the Orange Grove Charter School. 

📚 Charleston | 15 Pony Ln.

📚 Charleston | 2404 Quail Hollow Ct. 

📚 Charleston | 363 Seven Farms Dr. | The Bishop England High School Library Book Club is the sponsor of this LFL.

📚 Charleston | 617 Hainesworth Dr. | This LFL is placed in the common area behind the Sienna Place traffic circle.

📚 Hamilton Grove | 1385 Ashley Garden Blvd.  

📚 St Andrew’s Parish United Methodist Church | 3225 Ashley River Rd. 

📚 Charleston | 5055 International Blvd. 

📚 Charleston | 102 E Hill Blvd. 

📚 Bolton’s Landing | Charleston, 29414 | To find the exact location of this LFL use the map here.

North Charleston

📚 North Charleston | 3800 Paramount Dr. | Beautifully painted in the Jonathan Green style by two elementary school students, this library was built + donated by a member of the community.

📚 North Charleston | 1068 Glenshaw St. | Built as an Eagle Scout project. 

📚 Hursey Elementary/Middle School  | 4542 Simms St. 

📚 North Charleston | 4672 O’Hear Ave. 

📚 North Charleston | 5020 France Ave.

📚 North Charleston | 5282 Hartford Circle


📚 Oak Island Little Free Library | 1620 Oak Island Dr. 

Johns Island

📚 Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach | 1684 Brownswood Rd.

📚 Whitney Lake Community | Located between Brittlebush Ln. + Waterleaf Rd. | *This LFL is currently not registered on the official site. 

Mount Pleasant

📚 Mount Pleasant | 1501 Lorenzo St.

📚 Mount Pleasant | 411 Hibben St. 

📚 Mount Pleasant | 900 North Shem

📚 Mount Pleasant | 1084 Rosemead Rd. 

📚 Mount Pleasant | Molasses Creek POA, Flambeau Retreat | This LFL is on the property owner’s lot where neighborhood events are hosted. It was built by a resident after requests from several neighbors + book clubs. 

📚 Mount Pleasant | 596 Marshgrass Blvd. 

📚 Crowne Point Little Library | 1549 Diamond Blvd. 

📚 Mount Pleasant | 612 Oak Marsh Dr. | Several neighbors in the community joined together to create this library.

📚 Hamlin Plantation | 100 Amenity Park Dr.

📚 Charleston National Community | 1270 National Dr. | This LFL was the brainchild of Robert Harris, Ph.D., a resident of the Charleston National community and can be found near the community’s swimming pool and central playground.

📚 Mount Pleasant | 2156 Andover Way

📚 Mount Pleasant | Coatbridge Rd.

📚 Mount Pleasant | 3005 Riverwood Dr. 


📚 Palmetto Forest | 100 Poolside Ct. 

📚 Summerville YMCA | 900 Cross Creek Dr.

📚 Patty Booth Little Library | 543 King Charles Circle | This Little Library is in memory of Patty Booth, a Charter Member of the Newington Book Club in Summerville.

📚 Summerville | White Gables Community | This LFL is located in the natural area of the neighborhood under a beautiful old Oak Tree. 

📚 Summerville | 127 W. 5th South St. | This LFL is Located next to Azalea Park.

📚 Summerville | 810 Hemingway Cir. | Community members reused newspaper stands that were donated by the Summerville journal scene for this LFL.

📚 Summerville | South Pointe Blvd. (subdivision located of off Hwy 78)

📚 The Mortgage Firm Lending Library | 514 Magnolia St.

📚 Alston Bailey Elementary | 820 West 5th North St. | Third grade students helped to create + run this LFL to promote the love of reading throughout their school.

📚 Town of Summerville Town Hall | 200 S Main St. | This LFL is located by a fountain behind the Town of Summerville Town Hall. It was established + maintained by the Summerville-Oakbrook Breakfast Club.

Moncks Corner 

📚 Berkeley County Family YMCA | 210 Rembert C Dennis Blvd. | This LFL was created through contributions of friends + family of the community.

📚 Habitat for Humanity of Berkeley County community | 203 Cooper St. | This LFL is located across the street from Berkeley Middle School. 

📚 Moncks Corner | 2153 17-A

Don’t see your favorite Charlston area Little Free Library on our roundup? Send us its location to add to the list.