CHStoday pumpkin carving design

CHStoday pumpkin carving stencil | Image by 6AM City

Halloween is right around the corner, and to help get you in the macabre mood, we created a #CHStoday stencil of Charleston’s iconic Pineapple Fountain for all of your pumpkin carving needs. So carve out some time, grab a gourd from a local pumpkin patch, and get creative.

The devilish details:
👻 Download + print the template: CHStoday pumpkin carving stencil. 

👻 Use the template to carve the design. #ProTip: Use toothpicks or wire to secure smaller detail areas. 

👻 Share pictures of your pumpkin via social by tagging @CHStoday and #CHStoday, or by emailing us at [email protected].

👻 Keep an eye out, we may share your bOOtiful creation with #CHStoday!