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How you feel about reopening Charleston, SC

Eager customers outside Hyman's Seafood | Photo by the CHStoday team

Last week, we asked you how soon you’d feel safe getting back to life as restrictions lift, and over 1,000 of you responded to give us your feelings on returning to the office, restaurants, indoor + outdoor events, vacation planning, and more. 

Today, as more parts of SC are reopening (restrictions on attractions are being lifted today), we’re breaking down the data – and including some of your feedback on how we can continue to reopen safely + where you’ll be heading first. Thanks again to The Hustle for providing the original inspo for our poll.

Here’s what you shared. 

  • Masks might make all the difference. The number one response to how businesses could make customers feel safe – mentioned over 300 times – was to require people to wear one
  • You’re missing local businesses the most. Reader Chris G. said, Charleston Market & Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square.”
  • You’re ready for a road trip. 44% of you feel like you could take a local or regional vacay right now
  • 34% of you could go back to work in an office now. Another 43% could be ok with it in one to six months.
  • The vote is split on attending larger, outdoor events. 24% of you said you’d be ready to attend an outdoor concert right now, while 25% said you would want to wait until next year.

Check out the full results breakdown here. ⬇️

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Here’s what else we learned.

Over 200 of you mentioned better cleaning + hand sanitizer as factors that will make you feel safe – and some of you said that you don’t plan to do much until those are in place

And y’all miss plenty of other things too – including live theater, volunteering, salons and breweries. We’re on the same page, guys.

While some of you are ready to get out and about now, others are opting to wait – and most want to strike a balance between the two.

Want to know how other cities around the Southeast answered our poll? Check out these responses from our sister markets in Asheville, Columbia, Greenville, Chattanooga, Lakeland, and Raleigh – 7,673 in total. ⬇️

When will you feel ready to return to work in an office?

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When will you feel ready to send kids to camp or daycare?

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When will you feel ready to attend an outdoor concert or event?

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When will you feel ready to take a road trip?

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