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Five non-stop destinations from CHS for under $200

With the plethora of rain we have had as of late, a quick jaunt to a drier destination is seemingly on everyone’s mind.

Plus, with the upcoming school year starting up for most over the next two weeks a last minute vacation to breathe a final breath into summer may be just what you need to trudge on through to the next holiday break. T-minus 21 days till Labor Day. 🙌

We’ve rounded up five direct flights (all under $200 roundtrip*) from our very own Charleston International Airport to cool cities craving a visit throughout August + September. We even researched where to eat + what to see when you’re there. 👍

So pack your bags, Charleston. It’s time to hit cruise control and explore a few other metros that may have charm– but could never stop us from coming back home.

Let’s check in to your flight


🌬 Chicago | $92* roundtrip | Aug. 27- Sept. 3 | book


🌴 Miami | $113* roundtrip | Aug. 27- Sept. 5 | book


Boston | $187* roundtrip | Sept. 5-11 | book


🇺🇸 Washington, D.C. | $107* roundtrip | Sept. 5-12 | book


🍎 New York | $181* roundtrip | Sept. 20-29 | book


*Flight prices subject to change




Each year, a personal goal of mine is to travel more. With the number of carriers and direct flight options continuing to multiply over at CHS, it’s easier– now more than ever– to pack your bags + book a trip to a city of interest.

What travel plans do you have for the rest of the year? What cities, states, or even countries are on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.

(Also, a personal request– if you have ever been to Nice, France, please send recommendations. My passport will be stamped next month).