The Free and Fresh Community Fridge program in Charleston, SC

Photo via Charleston County Public Library

The Charleston County Public Library’s Free and Fresh program is growing. Pun intended. 

The Free and Fresh Community Fridge program launched at the following three public library branches on July 1replacing the former Free and Fresh Fridge program that was reliant on donations + outside funding

🍅 St. Pauls Hollywood Library, 5130 Hwy. 165

🍅 John L. Dart Library, 1067 King St.

🍅 Otranto Road Library, 2261 Otranto Rd.

So, what exactly is the Community Fridge program? Working to combat food insecurity in Charleston County, the initiative offers the community fresh fruits and vegetables in refrigerators at participating branches for, well, free. 

Simply visit a participating branch and take what you needno signup or registration needed. Whole fruits and vegetables are readily available during normal business hours. If you don’t consider yourself the world’s best chef, simple recipes and nutrition information are also available.

Members of the community are also encouraged to leave what they can, though there are some restrictions on offerings. Raw meat, partial produce, alcohol, packaged meals, and expired products are not allowed

The organization recently partnered with the Charleston Parks Conservancy to enhance its efforts + distribute additional food through the program. The Conservancy operates three community gardens in the area and donates thousands of pounds of the produce grown in the gardens, so we can’t think of a better dream team. Check out other partners

Local organizations such as Vertical Roots have also donated to the cause. Hi, first-ever indoor saltwater hydroponics farm right here in the Holy City. 👋

Learn other ways that the Charleston County Public Library has been working to promote food literacy right in our backyard. Interested in donating? Connect with the appropriate branch + get growin’.