Largest ship to visit the East Coast coming to Charleston, SC

CMA CGM cargo ship | Photo via @cmacgm

Ever wonder what two Washington Monuments, eight Statue of Liberties, or four South Carolina State Houses stacked on top of each other would look like?

Yeah, we didn’t either – until 1,200 feet was put into perspective.

1,200 feet: the length of the CMA CGM Brazil, a cargo ship making its way to SC Ports Authority’s Wando Welch Terminal. 🚢

CMA CGM Brazil graphic | Image via @scports

The Charleston Harbor sees cargo ships all the time, so why is this one a big deal? The CMA CGM Brazil is the largest vessel to ever visit the East Coast, and it is coming to our neck of the ocean.

Back in spring of 2017, the COSCO Development, measuring in at the same length of the CMA CGM Brazil, called on the Port of Charleston, claiming fame as the East Coast’s largest vessel to date. However, due to its 15,072-TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) capacity, the CMA CGM Brazil is setting sail to steal that title.

Because of SC Ports’ deep + wide harbor, large machines and efficient operations, the CMA CGM Brazil crew chose the Wando Welch Terminal as its last port of call (a stop for supplies, fuel, repairs, transmission of cargo, etc.) in the U.S. before sailing overseas.

The vessel is expected to arrive at the Wando Welch Terminal on Sun., Sept. 20, but SC Ports will update its social media channels with the exact time of its arrival closer to the date. The public is invited + encouraged to come welcome its arrival with cameras in hand. 🤳

You can track the CMA CGM Brazil’s trek to the Lowcountry here. (Last time we checked, it was docked in Halifax, Canada. 🇨🇦)