Eight local cocktail and mocktail ingredients in Charleston, SC

Use these local ingredients to create your perfect drink. | Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash

A well-stocked bar makes for one happy Charlestonian.

While you may have the usual drink-making tools on hand, these eight local products + ingredients will elevate your cocktail (and mocktail) making game next time you reach for the jigger and shaker. 

🥃 Mixers

Charleston Mix

Where to get it: Most grocery stores + liquor stores, restaurants, online 

How to use it: DYK you can use Charleston Mix for more than just Bloody Marys? We’re talking dishes like party dip, chicken fajitas, and pickled shrimp. Spice things up at your next family dinner with a new recipe using Charleston Mix

Barcoop Bevy

Where to get it: Total Wine, Half Moon Outfitters, Bittermilk (for a limited time), Taylor’s Wine Shop online

How to use it: Mix Barcoop Bevy with soda water for a non-alcoholic mocktail, or mix two parts Barcoop Bevy, one part spirit, and ice for the perfect cocktail. Bonus: These mixers are made with all natural ingredients. 


Where to get it: Online with $8 flat rate shipping

How to use it: It’s simple: Grab your Bittermilk cocktail mixers, check out these recipes, and just add alcohol. 

🥃 Syrups, bitters + more


Where to get it: Sèchey, Sweet Charleston (in the Charleston City Market), Total Wine, and online, plus various retailers throughout the state

How to use it: Browse the available recipes made with various Tippleman’s products for cocktails including The Big Island and the Fall Daiquiri or submit your own concoction. Bonus: This product was created by Joe and MariElena Raya, the team behind Bittermilk.  

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Classic Tonic Syrup

Where to get it: Check out the full list of local retailers, including Kudzu Bakery, Total Wine, Sermet’s Courtyard, and NY Butcher Shoppe. 

How to use it: In addition to the Charleston home base, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. is also based in Lexington, KY — hey, LEXtoday. Pair this syrup with gin or vodka for the perfect gin + tonic. 

Bonus: Check out The Jack Pack which includes Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.’s Grenadine, Classic Tonic Syrup, Aromatic Bitters, and a Jigger.

Madagascar Vanilla Simple Syrup by Daysie 

Where to get it: Online

How to use it: Add a dash of this organic simple syrup to your morning coffee if cocktails and mocktails aren’t really your speed. The shelf life of this product is two years unopened. 

🥃 Barware

Ultimate Bar Tool Kit

Where to get it: Online

How to use it: Complete with a graduated jigger, teardrop barspoon, 1.25” ice cube tray, hawthorne strainer, and weighted cocktail shaking tins, this bar tool kit from Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. is your one-stop shop for the essentials. 

The Spout

Where to get it: Online

How to use it: Want the perfect pour every time? Grab a self-closing pour spout from Daysie.