Software company expanding operations in Charleston, SC

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Omatic Software — a data integration company — recently announced plans to expand operations in Charleston County. This $450,000 investment will create about 100 new jobs over the next five years.

The software company was founded in 2002 and provides data health + integration solutions for nonprofits by making data access and insight info easily available to more people and groups. The company services thousands of nonprofit organizations with innovative integration solutions to eliminate manual processes and provide up-to-date and complete data.

Portside Ferry Wharf in Mount Pleasant will serve as the company’s corporate headquarters and will be its main hub for software research + development, as well as sales and operations.

Main takeaways

  • Omatic Software expanding operations in Charleston
  • $450,000 investment will create ~100 new jobs in five years
  • Omatic Software is a data health + integration company that serves nonprofits 
  • Location: Mount Pleasant’s Portside Ferry Wharf 

For those interested in joining the software team, company opportunities are available on the careers webpage here.