How and where to play pickleball around Charleston, SC

Pickleball in Charleston, SC | Photo via @picklestrong

Did you know pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US? It’s kind of a big dill. For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, pickleball shares similarities with tennis, table tennis + badminton (as well as other paddle ball sports).

What’s up with the name? The game was invented in 1965 by three fathers near Seattle, WA. Despite its recent appearance on the scene, there’s some uncertainty about how it got its name. One of the three inventors, Joel Pritchard, had a dog named Pickles who chased the ball and ran away with it when they played – hence the name. Another story posits that it was named after a crew term: “pickle boat,” in which oarsmen are chosen from leftovers of other boats – which fit because the game combined many elements of other sports

It has official rules, regulations, and even its own organizationthe USA Pickleball Association. Here’s the lowdown on the game so you don’t find yourself in a pickle:

  • It can be played indoors or outdoors.
  • The court is badminton-sized (20’ x 44’) with a modified tennis net. 
  • The pickleball itself is made of plastic + has holes, like a wiffleball. The paddle is a little smaller than a tennis racquet
  • It can be played as doubles or singles – 2-4 people.

We could also explain all the rules to you — instead we’ll let this helpful video do it for us.

Ready to grab a paddle and see what makes pickleball such a big dill? Here’s where to begin.


General William Moultrie Playground | 41 Ashley Ave. | Free to play during daylight hours

James Island Recreation Center | 1088 Quail Dr. | Free to members of the Lowcountry Senior Center, and $1 fee for non-members — call (843) 795-5678 to reserve a spot

MUSC Health Wellness Center | 45 Courtenay Dr. | Courts open for singles and doubles + paddles and balls are available — call (843) 792-5944 for additional details 

Salvation Army Center | 2135 Ashley River Rd. | $1 per visit | Call (843) 345-9146 for details

St. Andrews Park Recreation Center | 1095 Playground Rd. | $1 per visit | send an email or call (843) 345-9146 for reservations

Waring Senior Center | 2001 Henry Tecklenburg Dr., | $5 daily pass/members free — call (843) 402-1990 for updates

Arthur W. Christopher Community Center (Fishburne Gym) | 265 Fishburne St. | Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., $1 per visit 

*closed due to COVID-19 pandemic until further notice — call (843) 345-9146 for updates

Bees Landing Recreation Center | 1580 Ashley Garden Blvd. | Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Free 

*no games during the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice  — call (843) 402-4571 or email directly for updates

North Charleston 

Collins Park | 4155 Fellowship Rd., North Charleston | Free, play during park hours — 8 a.m.-8 p.m. — call (843) 552-9446 for more information

Danny Jones Recreation Center | 1455 Monitor St., North Charleston | Call (843)345-9146 for updates

North Charleston Athletic Center | 5794 Casper Padgett Way, North Charleston | Free — call (843) 345-9146 for updates

Folly Beach

Pirate Cove Courts | 510 E Erie Ave., Folly Beach | Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 2-4 p.m.

Mount Pleasant

Miriam Brown Community Center | 118 Royall Ave., Mount Pleasant | Drop-in play is free on a first come, first served basis + bring your own paddles and balls — times vary

Park West Gym | 1251 Park West Blvd., Mount Pleasant | Drop-in play is free, bring your own balls and paddles — call (843) 856-2162 for updates

Town Hall Gym | 100 Ann Edwards Ln., Mount Pleasant | Drop-in play is free, bring your own balls and paddles — call (843) 856-2162 for updates

Park West Tennis Courts | 1251 Park West Blvd., Mount Pleasant |  Drop-in play is free, bring your own balls and paddles — call (843) 856-2162 for updates


Cane Bay Family YMCA | 1655 Cane Bay Blvd., Summerville | $4 per person | call (843) 719-9622 for updates 

Del Webb at Cane Bay | 325 Palmetto Point Dr., Summerville | Must be a resident or guest of a resident to play 

Rollins Edwards Community Center | 301 North Hickory St., Summerville | $3 non-members, $1 members — call (843) 510-6012 for updates

Summerville Family YMCA at the Ponds | 101 Pottery Cir., Summerville | Call (843) 771-2934 for more information

Goose Creek

Goose Creek Community Center | 519a North Goose Creek Blvd., Goose Creek | Free for members, $2 per day for non-members — call (843) 345-9146 for updates

Stratford High school | 951 Crowfield Blvd., Goose Creek | Offered through curriculum — call (843) 769-7798 for updatesSeabrook Island Racquet Club | 1701 Longbend Dr., Seabrook Island | Call (843) 768-7543 for updates


Please note that times, days, and availability are subject to change. Call or email the facility to confirm pickleball schedules.