Inside the Charleston International Airport’s new VIP lounge


The Club CHS is a newly opened VIP lounge inside Charleston International Airport | Photo provided

James Zackey

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“Layover is fun,” said no one ever. We all know the pains of waiting in an airport – from struggling to find a place to sit that’s both comfortable and has access to an outlet, to just finding the space to enjoy a few quiet moments before boarding a crowded plane. As of yesterday, though, there’s a new, comfortable alternative when it comes to waiting for your flight.

The Club CHS, a joint-use VIP lounge, is now open inside Charleston International Airport. The 3,060 sq. ft. space has room to seat 52 customers – and is packed with some pretty sweet amenities. Among the perks: quiet space with seating for both resting, relaxing + for working; a cell-phone free zone; two single-occupancy bathrooms (no stalls!), + complimentary snacks and drinks.

the club chs view

Floor-to-ceiling windows inside The Club CHS overlook the main concourse | Photo by the CHStoday team

Where is The Club CHS located? Once you get past security, you’ll head straight into the main concourse + take the elevator (near Caviar and Bananas) up to the lounge.

Who can access The Club CHS? All CHS airline travelers who participate in the Priority Pass membership program available through premium credit cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve, VISA, MasterCard, American Express + Diner’s Club International. Plus: Children under 12 can accompany a member at no cost.

I don’t have a Priority Pass membership. How can I get in? Other travelers have the option of purchasing a day pass to The Club CHS for a $40 fee. Pro tip: AAA members can get in for a discounted price of $34.

Is there a bar? Not yet, but there will be. There are already plans to expand the space over the coming months. When the next stage is complete, The Club CHS will grow to 4,041 sq. ft., be able to seat 83 people, and will feature a full bar. Until then, travelers will still be able to order drinks from a temporary stand inside the lounge.


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