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Happy New Year, Charleston. 🎉

We are so grateful to kick off this new year with you + for all of the possibilities 2021 holds. This year, a song by a local musician you’ve never heard before might become your new favorite, a really great restaurant might open right down the street from your place, and that new building you’ve been watching come together for months + months could finally open to the public.

Charleston | Photo by @mpeacockmedia

As we prepare for a promising new year, we want to know what you want to read about each morning.

Are you trying to find out if your favorite festival is returning this year, or wondering about an upcoming development in town? Do you want to know where to get the best breakfast bagel? Is there a piece of Charleston history you’ve always wanted to know about? What news gets you excited about opening our newsletter each morning

The things you asked us last year were some of our favorite stories to cover. From places to volunteer to local clothing stores that offer plus size clothing, we had a blast answering your questions + learning more about our amazing city. 

This year, to celebrate 2021, we thought we’d answer 21 of your questions. So share your questions here and stay tuned as we work to cover what you’re curious about + find some answers.



“The history of BBQ in Charleston and how the types of BBQ in the state of South Carolina differ based on the region you’re in. I think this would tie in really well if you all were able to do a food/recipe section where you could possibly share recipes from local chefs or cultural food enthusiasts.” -Chase B.

I’ve never been able to find out when the round Holiday Inn was built.” -Jodie B.

“What is the development that has been going for a few years on the north side of the Ashley River Bridge between the two one way bridges?” -Beverly P.

Best places for outdoor activities such as kayaking or boating that offers rentals, bird watching, fishing, biking trails (paved and through the woods) and sightseeing (for when friends and family visit again).” -Karol C. 

What is the best Indian restaurant in the area? And do we have a good market for Indian foods?” -Charlotte T.

Would love to see a healthy eating option guide. Coming from the north where we had many takeout options for wonderful salads and other fresh healthy items I feel as though we really don’t have them here and would like to know about them if and when they come.” -Leslie D.

Best place downtown to meet/greet mature professional singles?” -Debbie S.

“What is the population of our tri-county area and a break down – Charleston (downtown, West Ashley, etc.), Mt. P., Summerville, Hanahan, North Charleston, etc. A comparison to same number 5 years ago would be interesting!” -Donna L. 

What businesses are scheduled to set up shop along Clements Ferry Road in the coming year?” -Ellen O.

Outdoor, kid-friendly activities in and around Charleston mostly, but also in SC!” -Emily C.

What events are confirmed to occur in 2021, what are the dates, and when are tickets going on sale? Any concerts happening (even if just SC).” -Gracen T.

Bike trails and routes… where are the best places to see interesting Charleston history and culture on two wheels?” -Judy F. 

I used to love Brueggers on the Crosstown. Bagels, sandwiches and coffee were great for quick pick up on the way to work. Drive up is imperative. Now where?” -Kathleen Z. 

Would like to see y’all cover more BIPOC owned businesses, whether it’s restaurants, shops, or services.” -Mimi S.

What are the mobile services available in our area? (Vet, doctor, dog groomer, anything else?)” -Nancy B.

“Where can I find Polish food in Charleston?” -Patricia S.

More stuff about nature. I’ve been working in the field of marine biology for 18 years and the Charleston area has a lot of interesting things happening on our beaches, marshes and waterways!” -Michael R.

What are the best organizations to support Charleston entrepreneurs and start up owners?” -Sarah K. 

Where are the best places to go things to do for active 55+ singles (still working) who are new to the area and want to meet people and have fun?” -Sharon B.

What are the top 5 butcher shops in the Charleston area?” -Steven Z.

Coworking locations.” -Tara W.