Top CHStoday articles from Charleston, SC in 2020

CHStoday 2020 year in review | Graphic by 6AM City

We owe you a debt of gratitude, Charleston. 

We can’t say that 2020 went as planned, but we can say that you’re a wonderful crowd and we couldn’t appreciate your support more, especially this year. 

In 2020, we sent more than 240 newsletters to our growing audience of 55,000+ CHStoday subscribers. Wow. Those numbers really humble us. 

We love our jobs and our cities, and we’re doing the work with you in mind. So, here’s what we noticed you guys read and interacted with the most in 2020.

Top CHStoday articles from 2020

10 largest employers in Charleston

We compiled a list of ten of the largest employers in our city to give you insider information on who is taking advantage of Charleston’s ideal location + role in SC’s economy.

Charleston beaches’ rules + regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic

We sure do love our beaches, so of course everyone was wondering what would happen to our summer days typically spent in the salt + sand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

What you need to know about Charleston’s “Stay at Home” ordinance

In March, a “stay at home” ordinance was passed throughout the city of Charleston. We gave you the who, what, when, where + why of the order surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurants offering curbside takeout + delivery in Charleston

Even during a global pandemic, Charlestonians love showing up for their favorite local food + bev spots. Here is a list of restaurants that pivoted to curbside takeout + delivery. 

Navigating the 2020 election locally

Here’s to doing your civic duty. In this guide, you all found registration + polling info, maps of local voting districts, a breakdown of candidate priorities, candidate trackers, a timeline of important dates, and election dictionary and, ultimately, a results tracker.

The nation’s first saltwater hydroponics farm in Charleston

One local company formed the concept of using ocean water – the world’s most abundant resource – to produce food, eliminating land, soil and freshwater use. This led to the creation of the nation’s first saltwater hydroponics farm – Heron Farms – which will expand to Glasgow, Scotland in 2021.

Every restaurant opening in 2020

While the events of 2020 changed the course of many planned restaurant openings, y’all started out the year excited about the food + bev spots slated to make an appearance in CHS. 

Charleston’s most anticipated developments in 2020

Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, Charleston still continues to grow. Here is a one-stop shop on construction updates for many of the new businesses + buildings in the area. (Pro tip: stay tuned for the 2021 version hitting your inboxes tomorrow.)

The mind-joggling history of these Lowcountry benches

Charleston has its iconic quirks, and jiggly benches is one. The joggling board may seem odd, but like most things in Charleston, there is a hefty history behind why it is the way it is. In fact, these benches have connections to flirting, exercise, and Scotland.

What you need to know about South Carolina’s “home or work” order 

In April, Governor Henry McMaster issued a statewide “home or work” order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is what it meant + who it impacted.