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Meet the restaurant groups behind your favorite meals out

It’s no secret that Charleston is a foodie capital of the South. Within the past six months alone, over 50 new restaurants have sprouted across the tri-county area.

While some of these eateries are chef-owned, a pop-up residence, or even a mere dabble in running a brick-and-mortar, several are the brainchild of well-established restaurant groups, looking to expand their empire.

Typically founded on the core value of delivering “outstanding food with a personal touch,” hospitality groups will manage a variety of concepts, under the same main brand. For example, Hospitality Management Group, Inc.’s passion lies in the interpretation of Lowcountry cuisine– Magnolias sticks to the homegrown roots (think housemade pimento cheese + fried green tomatoes), whereas Blossom takes to the seas (a la she-crab soup and shrimp + grits). Each individual restaurant has their own specialties, while giving a nod back to the overall vision of the larger association.

With South Carolina’s restaurant sales hitting over $9.4 billion in 2017, these culinary crusaders are keeping things cooking on the backburner, so you can divulge in their front-of-house delicacies.

Charleston Hospitality Group

The Indigo Road

Hall Management Group

Homegrown Hospitality Group

Holy City Hospitality

The Neighborhood Dining Group

Hospitality Management Group Inc.

  • Est. 1990
  • Expertise: Interpretations of Lowcountry cuisine, with produce sourced from local area farmers + fishermen
  • Restaurants:

Relish Restaurant Group

Personally, I had no idea that several of my foodie destinations were all under the same helm, but after taking a second bite it made sense– if you look around during your dining experience, you will start to notice the acknowledgements that each locale has to one another, certain standards that are set across the board, and occasionally, a similar dish or taste profile.

What are your favorite “sister restaurants”? Let me know in the comments below.

Dig in, Charleston. 🍴