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A guide to South Carolina’s tax-free weekend

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South Carolina’s tax-free holiday is coming up this weekend, and whether your student will be heading back into the classroom or learning virtually this fall, they’ll need supplies to help them put their best foot forward this year. 🤓 With many budgets tightened this year, the tax-free weekend will help you save on the back-to-school essentials

We’ve got all the details to make back-to-school shopping an A+ experience. ⬇️

🛍️ When is it?
This year’s tax-free holiday is Fri., Aug. 7 through Sun., Aug. 9. During the weekend, many school essentials are exempt from the state’s 6% sales tax (and applicable local taxes).

🛍️ So, what’s exempt?
Generally, clothing, accessories, shoes and footwear, school/art supplies, bed/bath, + computers are tax-exempt. A few examples are: calculators, daily planners, lunch boxes, pens, laptops, printers, apparel, earbuds, swimwear, belts, school uniforms, coats, + more. Additionally, cloth face masks have been added to the list amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

🛍️ And what’s NOT exempt?
Here are a few things that are not exempt: Jewelry, sporting equipment, wallets, musical instruments, eyeglasses, furniture, sleeping bags, cell phones, cameras, + items put on layaway.

🛍️ Can anyone take advantage of these deals?
Yup. While parents + students often find great back-to-school deals, anyone can buy items that qualify + save.

🛍️ Can I shop tax-free weekend online?
You bet. Items bought in-store + online are eligible for a tax exemption. Just be sure that the online purchase falls under the eligibility requirements for tax-exempt items.

🛍️ What about COVID-19?
In order to stay safe + healthy, the Department of Revenue recommends checking mask policies and utilizing online ordering + curbside pickup. Guide to South Carolina’s tax-free weekend