Tips for finding shark teeth in Charleston

The polka dots of the shoreline

CHStoday shark teeth

Not to flex but look at these unique finds from a shark teeth search with my friends.

Photo by CHStoday team

Mia here. One of my favorite summer activities in the Lowcounty is to hunt for shark teeth. I am here today to share my own secrets on how to find the gemstones of the sea.

  • Summer storms are frequent in our Holy City and one of the best times to look for teeth is after they roll through. The storm surge shakes up more water and sand than normal, revealing more teeth.
  • When you are looking for the teeth, pretend it is a piece of metal. The teeth have a shiny coating on the outside that can glimmer similar to metal when the sun hits it.
  • When it comes to time of day, low tide is the perfect opportunity to search because there is more sand and shoreline exposed to sift through.
  • Top spots: Folly Beach duh, Pitt Street Bridge marsh, and Bulls Island.

Happy hunting. Heads up: I am no expert, but I hope these tips help. Patience, young grasshopper.