Educational resources in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas

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Organizations such as the Charleston Promise Neighborhood, Teacher’s Supply Closet + Charleston Hope are vital to the Lowcountry, as recent studies, including the U.S. News and World Report’s “Best States for Education” and WalletHub’s “Most Educated States in America,” rank South Carolina in the final ten slots, establishing it as one of the least effective education systems in America.

As the state has fallen below the national averages for high school graduation rates, SAT scores, and NAEP percentages, these local, nonprofit foundations strive to help Charleston’s children excel throughout their academic journeys

Whether they’re providing academic tutoring services, mental health support, free school supplies, or after-school mentoring programs, they consistently work to ensure that, moving forward, South Carolina’s education results will reflect the efforts of its teachers, students, and volunteers. 🎓

Charleston Promise Neighborhood | 1834 Summerville Ave.

Charleston Promise Neighborhood works directly with Title I schools in the Lowcountry, providing children with opportunities to attend after-school care programs, hands-on summer camps, and community events. This organization helps transform the education process for students that tend to be overlooked + neglected by many academic programs. So far, they’ve seen 82.5% of their students receive higher reading scores, but that number will hopefully continue to grow. 📚

Teacher’s Supply Closet | 2731 Gordon St., North Charleston

Serving schools and teachers in the tri-county area, Teacher’s Supply Closet donates free school supplies to those working in under-resourced public schools. Without adequate learning materials, teachers are unable to properly educate their students, so this organization works to reduce the number of teachers, and classrooms in-need. Between school supply drives + numerous donation campaigns, the organization has been able to gift teachers $6 million+ worth of supplies. ✏️

Charleston Hope | 2 Perry St.


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Charleston Hope joins forces with local school teachers + administrators to provide them with the sufficient training, skills, and resources needed to educate students in low-income neighborhoods. Their endeavors include the establishment of classroom mentorships in mathematics, workshops focusing on racial equality, and the Step-In! initiative to empower young women. Since 2011, they have been improving the lives of students + teachers with the mindset that “relationships, not programs or events, change lives.”

Communities In Schools | 1691 Turnbull Ave., North Charleston

Started in 1989 to combat high school dropout rates, Communities In Schools targets students that struggle with learning in a traditional school setting. The foundation offers a variety of programs and resources, including basic needs support, mental health counseling, experiential field trips, tutoring, and substance abuse prevention courses. CIS even helped open the Septima P. Clark Corporate Academy as an alternative schooling option for students who have fallen behind in their studies or wish to graduate early. 📓