An overview of the 2023 Festival of Houses and Gardens

This year’s festival begins this week.

Stroll through the Holy City during the festival. | Photo by @kimgrahamphoto

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The 2023 Festival of Houses and Gardens officially begins this week and we’re giving you an overview of what you can expect from this year’s festivities. Pro tip: Tickets tend to sell out quickly, so grab ‘em while you can.

What’s the event all about?

The Festival of Houses and Gardens has served as the largest fundraising event and educational experience for Historic Charleston Foundation since 1947. This year’s event will be held from March 15 through April 16 and is set to host a selection of programs within five categories:

What should I know about HCF?

Historic Charleston Foundation works to protect and preserve the architecture and culture of our city through advocacy programs like the Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative and engagement in community issues — while addressing modern growth, livability, tourism, mobility, and transportation needs.

How can I contribute?

Purchasing a ticket to an event or making a donation helps support the foundation and its ongoing preservation and advocacy efforts. Donations can be fully tax-deductible and there are opportunities to receive a reduced tax benefit.

Want to get involved? Register to lend a hand.

Don’t forget to take a look at Historic Charleston Foundation’s guide to the Festival of Houses and Gardens.

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