How to adopt a storm drain in Charleston, SC

storm drain
Storm drain in Charleston, SC | Photo by CHStoday team

Have you noticed the storm drains on the ground in your neighborhood + around town? You can “adopt” one through the city of Charleston

The Adopt-a-Drain program allows local citizens + organizations to adopt a storm drain in an effort to help protect nearby drains from unwanted debris, pollutants or blockages.

How can a storm drain adoption benefit your community?

Reduces + prevents flooding — Clogged storm drains can lead to flooding. When drains are free from debris, they help the water drain properly.

Protects local waterways from pollution — Untreated stormwater that flows into waterways is the main cause of local water pollution. Making sure litter and pollutants are not in the way of these drains helps protect water in the area.

Keep the neighborhood clean + litter-free — You become a leader in your community by working to help keep these drains clean.

You’ve adopted a drain. Now what?

  1. Monitor the drain on a weekly basis + remove debris
  2. Clear debris within the curb area
  3. Report your work periodically to let the city know you have inspected + serviced your drain

Currently, there are 270 adopted drains around the city.