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What would you do to the former Morris Sokol Furniture site?

The Morris Sokol Furniture store served the Lowcountry providing furnishings for nearly a century.

Old Morris Sokol building in 1930

Here is is 1930’s photograph of the furniture store from Reid Street looking south.

Photo provided by Charleston Board of Architectural Review

One of our readers, Billy O. asked about the status of the old Morris Sokol Furniture building at 510 King St. in downtown Charleston. So we did some digging.

The building’s history:

Before 2015, those who walked Upper King Street could not miss the iconic storefront. Morris Sokol Furniture served the Lowcountry for 94 years by providing furniture and appliances. Morris Sokol, the store’s namesake, started the business in 1921.

At the time of its closing, Sokol’s son Joe was running operations and served as the president and second-generation owner. He told The Post and Courier that business was going well, however no family members wanted to take over.

Morris Sokol Furniture in 2020.

Here is a view of the building from 2020.

Photo provided by the Preservation Society of CHS

Fun fact: Did you know, that in 2018, former Mayor John Tecklenburg honored the Sokol family by naming the former furniture site the “Sokol Family Block” with a street sign at King and Reid Streets?

Updates on the Morris Sokol Furniture building:

Since its closing in 2015, there has been a myriad of suggestions about what to do with the former site, like renovating it into a hotel. As of early last year, its status was placed on hold or abandoned.

We’ll keep an eye on any updates to the site’s plans. But we have to ask: if it was up to you, what would you do with the site?