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Fall 2023 weather forecast for Charleston

Prepare for fall weather in Charleston, SC with these seasonal temperature and precipitation outlooks.

A triangle sail boat on the water at sunset.

Sea temperatures will drop before you know it. | Photo by @itbens

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We know the question on your mind, Charleston — when’s it going to get cool? Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, we know what temperatures and precipitation trends to expect in our city for September, October, and November.

While exact weather conditions typically can’t be predicted more than a week in advance, here’s a seasonal outlook to help you prepare for what fall will bring.

Reminder: The first day of fall is on Saturday, Sept. 23.

🌡️ Temperature

Think warm. This fall, Charleston has a 33-40% chance of temperatures being higher than normal.

🌧️ Precipitation

Expect slightly more precipitation. Charleston has a 40-50% chance of seeing higher than average rainfall amounts this fall.

A screenshot of the US map with weather predictions.

Don’t break out those sweaters just yet.

Map via the NOAA

September’s stats

A Lowcountry September tends not to look that much different from August, with a fairly hot average high of 83.5° and an average low of 73°. Expected higher-than-average temps plus a typical heat index of 91.4° mean you should stay wary of heat exhaustion even as sunlight hours start to dwindle. Pro tip: This is your last month of perfect ocean temperatures, so make it count.

October’s outlook

Charleston’s average October high dips to 75.9°, with a low of 64°. Festival season will be in full swing thanks to mild temperatures and decreased rainfall, but be sure to check the forecast before you go out in your Halloween best — just in case that 50% chance of high precipitation bears out.

November’s numbers

Temperatures in November take a dive to 65.7° at the high end and 53.4° at the low end, on average. Drier days arrive during this time, so bust out the humidifier and lotion. Plus, mark your calendar for the end of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, Nov. 5.

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