Update on the Huger Street Streetscape Project

Huger Street Streetscape Project
Huger Street Streetscape Project | Photo by Jerry Regenbogen Consulting, LLC

Have you heard of the Huger Street Streetscape Project? The City of Charleston is redesigning the section of road between Morrison Drive and Meeting Street in order to improve safety + functionality for pedestrians and cyclists.

The plan features 1/4-mile upgrades with streetscape work, bicycle facilities, and drainage improvements. The street will include car and bike lanes, curbs, plantings, street lamps, and sidewalks. Funding is provided by SCDOT + City of Charleston Tax Increment Financing.

The project — which began in 2014 — is the final part of the Mitigation Agreement, which aims to offset impacts from the construction of the Ravenel Bridge. Today, the Upper Peninsula District is a residential and mixed-use area that is an important connection for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project team will be finishing the design and going through permitting with the city and SCDOT for most of next year. Construction will most likely begin in late 2022 and take about 6-9 months to complete.

In-person + virtual public meeting:

Check out this detailed breakdown of the project with additional images.