Three Charleston County Parks are now Certified Sensory Inclusive Venues

This new initiative promotes an inclusive environment for those with sensory needs to enjoy the park during regular hours and during special events.

Charleston County Parks

Wannamaker Park, Palmetto Islands County Park, and James Island County Park are three of the most popular Charleston County Parks.

Photo provided by Charleston County Parks

Three Charleston County Parks have made changes to be more inclusive for groups with sensory needs.

Palmetto Islands County Park in Mount Pleasant, Wannamaker County Park in North Charleston, and James Island Park are now Certified Sensory Inclusive Venues after the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission partnered with Kulture City, a national nonprofit working on sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities.

This new initiative promotes an “accommodating and positive experience for all guests with a sensory issue, no matter their age or ability.”

Now, park staff are equipped with Kulture City Sensory Bags and are trained annually by leading medical professionals to help lessen sensory overload.

The three Charleston County Parks now use sensory bags that include resources like a lanyard and noise-canceling headphones

Here are the resources included in the Kulture Sensory Bags.

Photo provided by Charleston County Parks

Kulture City Sensory Bags contain:

  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Fidget tools
  • Verbal cue cards
  • Lanyards

Plan ahead

Park patrons can download the free Kulture City app to find resources and view where Quiet Areas are located, where to receive a Kulture City Sensory bag, and where the Headphone Zone is. Guests can also view a customized visual preview of what to expect while visiting the three parks. You can also visit the Palmetto Islands, Wannamaker Park, and James Island Park sections on the Kulture City Website to see what to expect.