14 unwritten rules of Charleston, SC

Aerial view of downtown Charleston | Photo by Riv + Roe Photo

There is a certain pride that comes with living or growing up in Charleston. Often, it manifests itself in quirky ways, like specific city knowledge, trends, and colloquialisms. Think: What is proper etiquette when walking down King Street? We’ll get into that.

If you happen to be lucky enough to be from the Holy City, here are a few unwritten rules you may know to be true submitted by readers on Instagram + through emailand if you’re not from Charleston, you might want to save this article for future reference.

“Never talk politics at Happy Hour. Always discuss the weather.”Reader Ken B.

“During rainy season, keep an eye on the tide charts when planning to drive through downtown.” Reader Erin C.

“Don’t be using the horn when driving unless it’s an absolute emergency and even then, probably don’t use the horn.” Anon Reader

“Handwritten thank you notes are a must!” – Reader Ellen D.

“King Street sidewalks:

  • 2 wide maximum each direction
  • Keep to a side, not the middle
  • Keep it moving” @coach_nick_kinzel

“Keep an eye out for the one-way streets 👏” – @charleston_food_spot

“Don’t have any part of your tires on the asphalt when you park at the beach … $50 parking ticket automatically (might be higher now).” – @thejoelsario

“Don’t feed the seagulls!” – @holycityglass

“When the [Krispy Kreme] hot sign is on, you always have to stop…” – @stan_kablick

“Always have an umbrella during the summer, regardless of the forecast ” – @kateringram

“When merging on to 17 N. from Coming St. downtown, KEEP moving! Change lanes LATER!” – @eruss28

“You don’t have to pay the meter on Sundays!” – @charleston_food_spot

“East Bay from the aquarium to Harris Teeter is a 2 lane street, but it only fits one car.” – @notcharliehabakus

“Shop local. Support local. Eat local…” – @jeanneaeverett