Hurling: An Ancient Irish Sport in Charleston, SC

Photo of two hurling opponents wearing green and yellow blocking each other's passes with their stick. Other team members are visible in the background.

Pro-Tip: The ball is called a sliotar. | Photo by @andrewmaron, provided by @charlestonhurling

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There are many ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but have you heard about hurling? No, not that kind of hurling. We’re talking about an Irish sport played right here in Charleston. This ancient Gaelic game is the national sport of Ireland and looks a bit like field hockey played with a baseball. Players use a wooden stick called a hurley to pass + score points. It’s the fastest field sport in the world.

How hurling got here

You may be wondering how hurling came to the Holy City. Well, you’ve got the founders of the Charleston Hurling Club, Ryan Shrum + Brendan Dagg to thank for that. Both Ryan and Brendan were new to Charleston —Ryan from Indianapolis + Brendan from Ireland — and in 2011, they teamed up to start a club.

Get involved with the Charleston Hurling Club

Whether you want to hurl yourself onto the field or be a spectator, the Charleston Hurling Club has you covered. The 10+-year-old club is top-notch, having recently won the 2021 Holy City Cup. Grab some gear and check out the events calendar to get in on the action for yourself. Scope out the competition (and other Gaelic sports) on the US Gaelic Athletic Association’s Southeast Division’s website.

Want to get your hands on a hurley? The Charleston Hurling Club accepts new players of all ages. To join, just send a message online or on Facebook to sync up your calendars.