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A celebration of classical art: November’s must-see exhibit at Aiken-Rhett House

Discover the timeless beauty of classical art with works from emerging talents.

Sponsored by
Historic Charleston Foundation

Selected works were chosen by a professional jury.

Photo provided by Historic Charleston Foundation

For our art-lovers out there: The Aiken-Rhett House Museum is hosting a can’t-miss art exhibit throughout November, all thanks to a collaboration between the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA) and the Historic Charleston Foundation.

This exhibit is all about showcasing the incredible talents of young professionals and students. Visitors will get to experience everything from architectural models and detailed sketches to sculptures and paintings. It’s a celebration of classical art and architecture, proving that these forms of expression are still relevant and captivating today.

Mark your calendars to explore this artistic treasure trove now through Nov. 26 — you can grab your tickets online or at the door.

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