City of Charleston announces parking updates with pay-by-plate and touchscreen technology

These parking updates have already started around Charleston and will continue throughout the year.

finger using touchscreen capabilities on black kiosk.

The City aims to help with visitor influx during peak periods throughout the year.

Photo provided by the City of Charleston

The City of Charleston is upgrading its parking system to improve parking turnover and provide a more user-friendly experience.

Partnering with Flowbird Group, the plan is to modernize the parking meters and surface lots to include updated touchscreens and pay-by-plate parking technology.

The new parking meters will be solar-powered parking kiosks with a ~10-inch full-color touch display. The new kiosks will use a “pay-by-plate” parking system, so users will no longer have to put a receipt on their dashboard after paying for a parking spot. Instead, they will input their license plate number into the kiosk.

Patrons can pay using credit or debit cards, city-issued smart cards, Flowbird’s payment app, or pay by text. The single space on-street meters will accept all the same payments plus coins.

The city expects to have these new on-street parking meters installed this year.

Technicians have already installed the touchscreen kiosks in the surface lots off of Alexander Street and George Street, and:

  • The Beaufain-Archdale Market (BAM) Lot
  • East Bay Lot (off South Adgers Wharf)
  • Exchange Lot (off Gillon Street)
  • Cumberland Concord Street Lot