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The City of Charleston launches new “CHS TrashTracker” app for residents

CHS TrashTracker provides resources for those in the city limits.

Blue city of Charleston recyclable bin.

Stay up-to-date with the city’s new app.

Photo by CHStoday team

The Environmental Division of the City of Charleston announced the launch of CHS TrashTracker, a new mobile app for city residents.

The app sends out reminders for garbage pickup and street sweeping services. Residents can receive these reminders via email, text, or phone call. Another feature allows users to submit work order requests to various city departments.

The app also lets users within city limits enter their street address and access their area’s garbage + trash collection schedules. Pro tip: You can sync this with your Apple, Google, or Microsoft calendars.

What happens if there is a schedule change? The app will provide updates and information about trash and other city services.

CHS TrashTracker is now available in the app stores for both Apple and Android smartphones.

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