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Try This: A class at Grit Box

This workout combines all the right moves to work up a sweat.

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Two people using the punching bags during a Grit Box workout.

Grit Box workouts definitely pack a punch.

Photo by CHStoday team

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Mia here. I was able to try out the kickboxing class at Grit Box this week, and it was rocking. The classes combine kickboxing, strength training, and upbeat music to amp up your workout. Follow along in this article to hear about all of the punchy features this gym offers.

What we tried:

When you enter Grit Box, the positive vibes are overflowing — from the cool graphics and designs to the smiling staff.

I was immediately greeted by my coach, Storm, who helped me to feel welcomed and got me set up with my gloves and wraps for boxing.

Once I entered the workout room, the energy was pumped up with synced-up lighting and music to set the tone. For half of the workout, we were guided through kickboxing moves that made me feel like a total boss. Then, Storm showed us all of the moves for the strength circuit portion of class.

What not to miss:

One of the most unique parts of this class was how fun and high energy it was. The lighting complemented the music, making it feel like a concert meets workout experience. Plus, it was a killer custom playlist coming through the speakers.

A wide shot of equipment at Grit Box.

These workouts provide the perfect amount of variety to work up a sweat.

Photo by CHStoday team

What we’re still talking about:

I can not get over how great of a workout it was for being only 45 minutes. The time flew by during the class, and I felt so many endorphins, it felt like I could conquer the world or run a marathon after.

How you can experience this:

You can join a Grit Box class by trying the 10 days of unlimited classes for $30. This is offered downtown anytime at the 2 Carlson Ct. location.

Things to know if you go: