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CofC men’s basketball


The Cougars are headed to the NCAA Tournament.

Photo by @cofcbasketball

It’s official: The College of Charleston Cougars are headed to the NCAA Tournament after a five-point win against the University of North Carolina-Wilmington during the 2023 Jersey Mike’s CAA Men’s Basketball Championship in D.C. on Tuesday.

The final score was 63-58, marking the team’s 31st win of the season and signifying the first men’s basketball team in the division to secure 30+ wins this year.

According to senior Ryan Larson, who finished Tuesday’s game with 23 points, the team’s main goal this season was a trip to the NCAA Tournament. This will be the first time that the team has appeared since 2018. Take a look at the post-game celebration.

So who’s up next? Brackets are set to be released on Sunday, March 12. Find the schedule here. Until then, we’re headed to the Big Dance, Holy City. 🎉

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