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Carolopolis Award winners + preserving history in Charleston

Carolopolis Awards honor both private and public projects that preserve that history.

The photos shows the before and after of the Boone Hall Gin House.

The Preservation Society of Charleston celebrates 70 years of honoring preservation work.

Photos provided by the Preservation Society of Charleston.

So many things make Charleston, Charleston — and history is undoubtedly one of those things. Recently, 12 projects were recognized for playing a role in preserving history.

The Preservation Society of Charleston hosted the 70th Carolopolis Awards — which honors projects (residential, commercial, and institutional) that maintain the character + authenticity of the Charleston area and Lowcountry.

This photo shows the Carolopolis Award mounted onto a brick building.

Nearly 1,500 awards have been awarded since 1953.

Photo by the Preservation Society of Charleston


There are five areas for which the Carolopolis plaques are awarded.

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • New Construction
  • Resilience
  • Pro Merito

Both private and public projects are recognized in these awards. President + CEO of the Preservation Society Brian Turner says, “Carolopolis projects are rarely about any one individual, but how groups of those devoted to stewardship can collectively work together to tackle challenges.”
Next time you’re downtown or near one of these properties take note of the Carolopolis plaques. Tap below to see some of the before and after photos of the projects.

2024 Winners

  • 322 King St. - Pro Merito Award
  • Father Grants Court - New Construction Award
  • 94 Sheppard St. - Exterior Award
  • Boone Hall Gin House - Interior and Exterior Awards
  • 59 Chapel St. - Exterior Award
  • 123 King St. - Exterior Award
  • 22 Sheppard St. - Exterior Award
  • 66 Warren St. - Pro Merito Award
  • 151 Queen St. - New Construction Award
  • 95 Line St. - Exterior Award
  • 741 Meeting St. - New Construction Award
  • Starlight Motor Inn - Exterior Award