A peek into North Charleston’s future: Live, work, play developments

Battery Park and Navy Yard Charleston recently received a final vote on the development contract.

Rendering showing a large, waterfront grassy area next to an open-air building and pier.

This 70-acre riverfront development has plans for retail, restaurants, housing, and more.

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On Thursday, Dec. 14, a major North Charleston project received a final development contract vote, moving plans for the live-work-play development forward.

The development team selected for Battery Park is also developing a nearby site known as Navy Yard Charleston.

Now that the wheels are moving, it may be time to take a step back: What is Battery Park, exactly? Is it related to Navy Yard Charleston? What can we expect from all of this? Allow us to provide a glance into the expansive project.

Battery Park 🤝 Navy Yard Charleston

Battery Park is the name of a 50-acre riverfront development project just north of Noisette Creek, with the goal of creating a central business district. ~23 of the 50 acres will become public spaces + parks, 1,400+ residential units, and a mix of commercial uses.

The Navy Yard Charleston plan is a redevelopment project on the northern end of the former naval base. It’s projected to encompass ~3.5 million sqft of commercial and residential space and over 2,600 residential units across 85 acres.

The combined North Charleston projects add up to ~135 acres and will work in tandem to bring housing, jobs, businesses, and more to the area.

Vision for the area

  • Office, retail, and restaurant space
  • Hotels
  • Housing
  • Affordable and sustainable workforce housing
  • Green space and pocket parks
  • Walkable and bikeable streets
  • Activated waterfront

What’s to come for Battery Park

  • A civic pavilion, aka 1601 Pavilion, connecting Noisette Bridge to Battery Park and serving as a market hall or event space, plus a lawn area. Anticipated completion in 2025.
  • An activated waterfront area featuring live, work, and play spaces with a nod to the industrial naval shipyard past.
  • Pier Alpha, a space for recreation, taxi connection, boat docking, and dining.
  • 1,400 residential units (17% workforce housing)
  • ~222,000 sqft of retail and restaurant space
  • ~450,000 sqft of office space

The City selected the partnership of Jamestown, Weaver Capital Partners, and WECCO Development in May to fulfill its vision.

Construction on Battery Park could begin as soon as next year. The project is estimated to take ~25 years to complete in total, with benchmarks to meet every five years.