How to pay a parking ticket in Charleston

We have all been there — let us walk you through the process.

CHStoday no parking sign

Yes that means no double parking for a cone of Jeni’s ice cream.

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Parking in Charleston can be tough, and most of us have received a ticket or two in the past. Follow along to see the best practices for taking care of your ticket.

There are three different methods of paying for a City of Charleston citation: in person, online, and mail.

Tickets can be paid in person by bringing your citation and form of payment method to the administration at 180 Lockwood Blvd. If the ticket is misplaced, maybe lost in the bottom of a messy purse, you can use your license plate number instead.

Online payments can be made through the parking ticket portal. Payments can be made with a Visa or MasterCard using the portal. If your ticket is misplaced again the license plate number can be used online as well.

CHStoday parking meter

Just looking at this picture has us fumbling for quarters in the cup holder of the car.

Photo by @CHStoday

Classic snail mail is another option offered for payment. Make sure to note that mail payments can only be made using a check or money order. Envelopes should be addressed to:

  • City of Charleston
    Revenue Collections Parking Division
    180 Lockwood Boulevard
    2nd Floor
    Charleston, SC 29403

Don’t worry friends, you can also appeal your tickets in case you were just double parking in front of Jeni’s real quick. To go through with an appeal, the citation holder can make an appointment online with the adjudications office. Heads up: appointments have to be made within 30 days of receiving the ticket.