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Charleston, city of love… bugs

Get ready for lovebug season in the spring and fall.

Two black bugs with red heads connected by the ends cling to a white flower.

Isn’t it romantic?

Photo via Judy Gallagher on Flickr

What are all these black bugs with red heads flying around and cluttering our cars? They’re lovebugs and we’re in the midst of one of their semi-annual flights.

April-May and August-September is lovebug mating season. During this time, lovebugs attach to each other facing opposite directions and remain attached for as long as 12 hours until the mating ritual is complete. The male detaches and dies while the female lays the eggs in moist, damp areas. It’s not dinner for two at Frannie & The Fox, but if it works for them…

Lovebugs are lovers, not fighters, so they don’t bite and are totally harmless… but be sure to clean them off your car or they could damage your paint.