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Q+A with Amanda Sheridan of Charleston BagValet

Charleston BagValet is solving a common problem among travelers.

this image shows the point of view looking out of an airplane window looking over Charleston. You can see water, buildings, and the Ravenel Bridge

The view flying into the Holy City never gets old.

Photo provided by torinardone.

Picture this: you’ve arrived at your destination via plane, and it’s nowhere near time to check into your Airbnb or hotel. You’re experiencing the “luggage struggle.” We recently caught up with Amanda Sheridan of Charleston BagValet who shared how her team is helping combat that problem.

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What is Charleston BagValet?
We are a first-of-its-kind on-demand concierge that allows travelers to maximize time pre/post accommodations by providing a safe and secure option to store their luggage with the added convenience of curbside pick-up + delivery.

How did this concept come about?
I founded BagValet after my experience as a rideshare driver opened my eyes to an ongoing problem that is not only inconveniencing our visitors, but also putting a burden on our local small businesses — the “luggage struggle.” I would often have groups of riders pack my car with all their belongings to go around the corner because they had checked out of their accommodations but didn’t fly out until later.

Travelers pulling their luggage across the cobblestone

Travelers can avoid this with Charleston BagValet.

Photo provided by @charlestonbagvalet

Utilizing this experience, I created a revolutionary solution powered by proprietary software that gives travelers a unique first-of-a-kind option for their luggage storage needs, with the added convenience of curbside pick-up + delivery. My mission is to provide travelers an alternative to the luggage struggle to allow hassle-free exploration pre/post accommodations.

Today, BagValet is recommended by over 3,800+ vacation rentals, 140+ hotels, tour partners, The Charleston CVB, and Charleston International Airport. We service all of greater Charleston, including Downtown, Folly Beach, IOP, North Charleston, Kiawah, and everything in between.

How can people book your services?
Online or by phone.

Do you have a few recommendations for things to do in Charleston?
We refer guests to our guide with some of our top picks on things to do without your luggage.

Is there anything you would like to add?
We not only help travelers maximize their Charleston itinerary but more importantly, we help local businesses keep their establishments clear of clutter. We would love to partner with anyone whose bottom line is being burdened by bulky bags.

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