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Spot 10 local buzzwords in our newsletter.

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Hint: This buzzword appears in every newsletter.

Photo by @station28.5

Grab a magnifying glass — you’re officially invited to CHStodays second-ever wordsearch. Time to show off your whip-smart sleuthing skills to find terms familiar to Charlestonians. 🔍

This game is open to all, and the rules are simple: Turn the Tuesday, Jan. 17 newsletter into a wordsearch. That’s right. Within this newsletter only, locate 10 local buzzwords. Any section of the newsletter is fair game. Subscribe here.

The rules

  • Locate the following words in the newsletter: historic, Wando, sunset, bar, Charlestonians, Holy, art, whiskey, museum, Carolina.
  • Tell us where you found each of them in one email here by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 17 along with your name (first name, last initial).

The fun stuff

  • The sixth person to submit all 10 word locations correctly will get a shoutout in our newsletter.
  • Have a word puzzle idea you think we should do next time? Let’s hear it.

Stay tuned for the answer key in an upcoming newsletter. Happy searching.