Where are Charlestonians from?

We’re diving into the data behind migration patterns in the Holy City.


Have you ever thought about migration patterns in the Holy City?

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Be honest, are you from Charleston?

According to Migration Patterns — using data from the United States Census Bureau53% of Charleston residents were born and raised in the Holy City.

We poked around on the map, which shows where people moved between the ages 16 and 26, and found a few interesting facts:

  • Young transplants: 71% of residents who moved to Charleston by age 16 elected to stay through young adulthood.
    • Approximately 9% stayed in SC, with 3.1% moving to Columbia, 1.7% moving to the Charlotte Metro area on the border of the Carolinas, and 1.4% moving to Greenville.
    • Before age 26, approximately 20% left the state. Top destinations included Atlanta, Washington, DC, New York City, and Jacksonville.
  • Paradise found: 47% of Charleston residents came from outside of the city.
    • Approximately 12% moved from other areas of SC, with 2.9% relocating from Columbia, 2.1% from Greenville, and 1.9% from Florence.
    • Out-of-state relocation accounted for 35%, with the most common areas including Atlanta, Washington, DC, and New York City.

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