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5 types of downtown Charleston walking routes

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Downtown walking routes | Graphic by the CHStoday team

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Spring is finally here y’all, and there is no better way to feel the warmth than on a walk (or run) around town. Having lived downtown for about three years now, I have become a professional recreational walker in the cityself-proclaimed of course. When it comes to Chucktown, it’s simply not up for debate that there is no better way to view it than on your own two feet. Whether you’re an active runner or are just looking for that next insta-worthy shot, here are some routes that’ll have you walking on sunshine.

Note: Unlike other cities, alleys in Charleston are always a good idea to wander down if you have some extra time.

For the Instagrammers


E Bay St. | Photo by @tiffanyfoxrobson

📏 Total Length:
2.25 mi.
⏱ Approx Time: 46 min.
🛑 Stops: King St. → Broad St. → The Battery → Rainbow Row → Longitude Lane → Waterfront Park → U.S. Custom House

We’ve all been there. You need some exercise but your followers haven’t heard from you in weeks. Luckily, you live in Charleston – the only city where a picture of the ground is frameable. So, dust off your hip, cool, vintage polaroid camera (or your iPhone) and take a stroll along this photogenic footpath – you’re ‘gram will be poppin’ in no time. Click here for the route to your next post.

For the runners (or speed walkers)

Colonial Lake

Colonial Lake | Photo by @loudhandleproductions

📏 Total Length:
3.25 mi. (for those of you looking for a longer run, take a few extra laps around Colonial Lake)
⏱ Approx Time (walking): 1 hr., 8 min.
🛑 Stops: Cannon Park → Colonial Lake → Murray Blvd → The Battery → Colonial Lake → Cannon Park

I might be a little bias – but I think downtown Charleston is one of the best places to go for a run. The streets aren’t teeming with people, the views are spectacular, and the weather in Spring is perfectly brisk. While I’m by no means an avid jogger, here’s a path that is sure to give you views to motivate you to go that extra mile, literally. Click here for the route to your next run.

For the shop-til-you-droppers


King St. | Photo by @graysenburri

📏 Total Length:
1.86 mi.
⏱ Approx. Time: 31 min. (that is, if you don’t stop in any stores...)
🛑 Stops: King St → City Market → Broad St. → Waterfront Park

This route is dedicated to the window shoppers all over CHS that love to see what’s new in store. Everyone and their mother knows about King St. – and for a good reason – the stores are cute + the styles are hot, so of course it made the list. However, most don’t know the vital step to any CHS shopping trip day is a mandatory therapeutic nap at Waterfront Park. Click here for the route to your empty wallet.

For the house hunters


Queen St. | Photo by @imtabithalynn

📏 Total Length:
3.0 mi.
⏱ Approx Time (walking): 56 min.
🛑 Stops: Queen St. → King St. → Legare St. → Tradd St. → Gibbes St. → Church St. → Chalmers St.

When people ask me what they should do when visiting Charleston, my #1 suggestion is always to walk around the residential areas and admire all of the homes. I’ve lived downtown for three years now and am still finding houses that I’ve never seen before. Not to mention, as a HGTV aficionado, I haven’t seen anything quite like the unique homes in Charleston. Click here for the route to your next dream home.

For the less active people

Washington Square

Washington Square | Photo by @ksobots48

📏 Total Length:
1.0 mi.
⏱ Approx Time (walking): 20 min.
🛑 Stops: Waterfront Park → Washington Square → Battery

Listen... there is nothing wrong with those who just aren’t a big fan of long, leisurely walks around town. If this speaks to you, this route is rather simple and includes some of my favorite places to sit on the peninsula (and sitting is one of my favorite hobbies). I like to call this one... the park trifecta. Click here for the route to your next go-to sitting spot.