The history of snow in Charleston, SC


Jan. 3, 2018 snow over North Charleston | Photo via @northcharleston

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Raise your hand if you remember Charleston’s great snowfall of 2018. 🙋

ICYMI, here’s what happened: On Jan. 3, 2018, Charlestonians woke up to a snowstorm, which lasted for one day, bringing in 5.3 inches of fresh powder in total (just within an inch of the previous 6-inch record set in 1989).

While the day did bring its fair share of grief like thousands of power outages + a few car accidents, it’s certain that residents also celebrated the snowfall with plenty of snowball fights, hot chocolate making and snowman building.

Here are some more snowtable fast facts about Charleston’s relationship with snow days:

❄️ Other heavy snowfalls Charleston experienced:

  • 6.0 in. of snow, Dec. 23, 1989
  • 5.4 in. of snow, Feb. 10, 1973

❄️ The first recorded snowfall Charleston:

  • 1.9 inches on Jan. 18, 1893

And before you start Instacarting the milk, and the bread, and the eggs this year, know that this season’s weather doesn’t call for snow this winter – and meteorologists are predicting the weather to be a little warmer than average – meaning it will be a little more (or less) chill throughout the end of winter.