City Government 101: How Charleston works

Learn the ins and outs of local government.

Charleston City Hall

Take a look at Charleston City Hall.

Photo by @svonmarschall

Are you curious about our local government and how speaking up can make a difference? You’re in luck. The City of Charleston’s Neighborhood Services is holding a free seminar next month on navigating Charleston.

Here’s some context: Neighborhood Services uses education and outreach to promote equal access to resources, civic engagement, and community decision-making in the Holy City.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 20. The two-hour seminar will be held in the public meeting room at 2 George St. at 5:30 p.m. and will feature refreshments.

The meeting will cover:

  • What services and programs the city provides
  • How the city interacts with other agencies to solve problems
  • How decisions are made and ordinances are passed
  • How you can get involved

Register here for the free seminar. Parking is available for $1 per 30 minutes at the Gaillard Center parking garage on Alexander Street.

If you’re interested in forming a Neighborhood Association in your community, send an email to Neighborhood Services Manager Becca Hopkins. Stay up-to-date by signing up for the city’s free weekly newsletter.