Asked: What are the must-see places in Charleston?

We won’t give up your favorite dives + hidden gems, but we want to know the must-see places in Charleston for visitors.


Cheers to beers and casual spots on the water.

Photo by CHStoday

We asked you about the best dive bars in Charleston a few weeks back. While some readers were an open book and willingly shared their favorite spots, the overwhelming majority of you want to keep those hidden gems on the down low, and we’re happy to report your secrets are safe with us.

But, for the sake of Southern hospitality and keeping that Charleston charm, share the spots around Charleston that you’d send our out-of-town visitors.

We’re talking about must-see places, tours you have to do, and of course, where to eat. That way, they can get a taste of Lowcountry life without taking your space at your favorite spot in town.