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Try This: A free nutrition consult with Lauren Zimmerman, Registered Dietitian at Synchronicity

Our consultation emphasized that nutrition is key to mind and body wellness.

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Synchronicity in Mount Pleasant

Synchronicity opened in Mt. Pleasant in 2021.

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City Editor Erika here, feeling inspired after experiencing the Introductory Nutrition Evaluation with registered dietitian Lauren Zimmerman at Synchronicity in Mount Pleasant. This wellness center is designed to promote mental well-being through physical experiences, nutrition programs, and community-based challenges.

Lauren Zimmerman is a registered dietitian who has been in practice for 10 years and has been the Lead Dietitian at Synchronicity for the past four years. She specializes in plant-based nutrition, gut health, and helping people create a sustainable + enjoyable lifelong nutrition plan (Pro tip: Check out her latest nutrition content on her Instagram and via Synchronicity).

What we tried:

After taking a tour of Synchronicity and snacking on delicious trail mix from the demo kitchen, I met with Zimmerman for my 45-minute nutrition evaluation — a free session that can be done in person or virtually now through Friday, Jan. 5 (sessions must be scheduled within this time frame).

First, I removed my shoes + socks and stepped on the Inbody 770 body analyzer. After following Zimmerman’s instructions, the analysis was over after several minutes. Then my results were printed immediately, and we started our consultation.

We discussed my nutritional history and individualized testing recommendations and made some goals for an actionable plan. I learned how nutrition is essential to mind + body wellness and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to craft a plan with Zimmerman.

My personal recommendation was to consume less sugar in my regular diet (think: swapping out sugar-filled juices with whole fruit). I can also add more plant-based foods, too, like whole grains, seeds, and nuts. I also learned I can explore low-impact exercises like Pilates. Zimmerman shared that exercise is all about finding what you enjoy + what works for you and your schedule, so it’s easier to be consistent.

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Sign up for a cooking class.

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What not to miss:

Take advantage of this free consultation with an expert. Pro tip: During your meeting, you should be transparent + open to feedback. You can take advantage of this service and Synchronicity’s many other services, from wellness stations to cooking classes to Gut Reset classes (the next class is the 21 Day Gut Reset, happening Saturday, Jan. 20).

What we’re still talking about:

The Inbody 770 body scanner. It doesn’t take long, and it can get so much information about your body, with immediate results.

Inbody scanner

Get your results with the Inbody 770 body analyzer.

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How you can experience this:

Visit the website and schedule a complimentary nutrition consultation by Friday, Jan.5.

Things to know if you go: