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Reset your gut (and your health) in 21 days

Discover the foods + daily habits that will reboot your stomach.

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Reset your gut (and your health) in 21 days

Experience the life enhancing mind-body benefits of a gut reset in just 21 days.

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Scientifically speaking, you are more bacteria than human. Read: There are roughly 40 trillion bacteria cells in your body vs. 30 trillion human cells. It’s no surprise, then, that bacterial balance in the gut is tied to whole-body health, showing to increase energy levels, improve mood, bolster the immune system + enhance nutrient absorption.

Want to discover the mind-body benefits of a healthy gut? This November, locally-based Synchronicity is hosting a 21 Day Gut Reset program, designed to allow participants to experience the health improvements that occur from incorporating foods + daily habits that restore gut health.

Led by Winthrop University grad and Registered Dietitian Lauren Zimmerman, MS, RD, LD, the class includes:

  • Before + after body composition analysis
  • Recipes and meal templates
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Community support via daily group chat

The session kicks off Sat., Oct. 29 via Zoom or at Synchronicity in Mount Pleasant, with the 21-day program starting Tues., Nov. 1.

Bonus: The $149 reservation fee is fully refunded upon compliance and completion of the program. Sign us up.

Learn more + register.*