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Debunking myths about Rebel Rabbit’s hemp-derived, THC-infused seltzer

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two cans of Rebel Rabbit sit in the sand at the beach

Rebel Rabbit is shaking up the scene by adding more variety to “drinking.”

Photo provided by Rebel Rabbit

We recently introduced you to Rebel Rabbit’s line of Delta-9-infused seltzers. Here are some common myths about the tasty non-alcoholic alternative:

  • Myth: It’s illegal.
  • Myth: It has a mile-long ingredient list.
  • Myth: You can’t measure your intake.

See why these statements are fictional — and how Rebel Rabbit’s all-natural, high-quality seltzer is perfect for anyone looking to cut back on alcohol while still being able to have fun and “drink” socially — below.

Answers this way.

Please note: Rebel Rabbit advises consumers to read the company’s terms and conditions, consult a physician before trying products, start only with small amounts, and to not consume products before driving or before a drug test. The information about providers and services contained in this newsletter does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by CHStoday.