Places to satisfy your s’mores craving in Charleston

Whether your sweet tooth wants this campfire treat in the summer or the fall, these places can satisfy your s’mores craving year round.

A s'mores cookie from Insomnia Cookies.

Gimme gimme s’mores.

Photo by Stephanie Freeman

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This is s’more than a feeling. S’mores are typically associated with fires and fall, but in Charleston you can have different takes on this campfire treat year-round. Take a look at some local spins on s’mores.

Peace Pie | 223 Meeting St. + 41 John St.

S’mores ice cream sandwich | Sink your teeth into chocolate ice cream and marshmallows sandwiched between two graham cracker cookies.

Vespa Pizzeria | 224 Seven Farms Dr., Daniel Island

S’mores | A mug of goodness featuring melted chocolate, toasted marshmallows, and crispy graham crackers.

LB Sweets & Treats | 1939 Maybank Hwy.

S’mores ice cream | If you’d prefer to enjoy your s’mores in a cup or cone, this is the dessert for you.

Insomnia Cookies | 509 King St.

S’mores Cookie | Grab your flannel and munch on this chocolate cookie with toasty marshmallow, crunchy graham cracker, and chocolate chunks.

Duck Donuts | 1812 Sam Rittenberg Blvd., Ste. 16B

S’mores Donut | We donut know about you, but this culinary creation with chocolate icing, graham cracker crumbs, and marshmallow drizzle makes us want to sing a campfire song.

The Crazy Mason Milkshake Bar | 1909 Hwy. 17, Mt. Pleasant

S’mores the Merrier | This shake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, graham cracker, and a marshmallow rim is basically a frozen s’more in a jar.

Boxcar Betty’s | Multiple locations

S’more macaron | Enjoy a fried chicken sandwich with a side of fried pickles, but be sure to save room for a s’mores macaron sourced from Almond Dust Patisserie for dessert.