Horseless e-Carriage unveiled in Charleston, SC


Roll up with the whole squad. | Photo by @dougbarnardphotography

A dark horse of the Charleston carriage industry has emerged. Local entrepreneur Kyle Kelly recently unveiled a hand-built prototype of the area’s first e-Carriage in front of a private audience at Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company. It’s time to giddy-up: We’re here to answer the questions that probably just popped into your head.

What is it exactly?
This all-electric carriage serves as a green alternative to the horse-drawn rides seen in downtown’s historic district. The design is intended to look classic Charleston.There are four rows of seats and a bench + it can hold up to 18 people including a driver.


Photo by @dougbarnardphotography

How does it work?
The carriage is powered by 16 batteries and features LED lights for a quiet + environmentally-friendly ride. Safety features include running boards, arm rails, and lighting, plus step rails on either side for passengers to climb on and off safely.

How was it dreamed up?
Kyle started working on the electronic carriage around four years ago. He wanted to offer a tour ride with a modern twist in downtown Charleston.

What’s next?
Kyle wants the e-Carriage to represent evolution in the industry. Charleston is the home base for the electronic carriage, but he hopes to eventually roll it out to other cities, depending on its success.