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🧑‍🚀 Reach for the stars with a career in aerospace

Dreaming of being an astronaut or pilot? Start with a four-year aeronautics degree from Charleston Southern University.

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Two Charleston Southern University students in an aeronautics simulator.

Each semester in CSU’s one-of-a-kind program includes a two credit-hour flight lab, where students will fly a minimum of two-three times per week in pursuit of FAA qualifications.

Photo provided by Charleston Southern University

There’s plenty of space in the aerospace industry, CHS. Did you know? A pilot shortage is expected at least over the next decade — 600,000+ pilots will be needed worldwide, with only 200,000 in demand in the United States alone.

Charleston Southern University’s aeronautics program is meeting demand and need for diverse workforce in the aerospace industry. Kherry Cohea will be CSU’s first graduate (and female) in the aeronautics program.

Kherry Cohea, soon-to-be graduate from Charleston Southern University's aeronautics program, standing in front of a plane.

Kherry will graduate on May 6 and is active in Women in Aviation.

Photo provided by Charleston Southern University

Currently, there are only ~65,000 female pilots in the world, accounting for 9% of total pilots. There are only ~900 female pilots in the US.

CSU’s aeronautics program is the first (and currently the only) program of its kind at any South Carolina university, offering three degree tracks:

  • Professional Pilot
  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Aerospace Management*

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