Recycling your Christmas tree in Charleston

When the holidays are over, you still have to deal with the Christmas tree in the corner. Here are a few ways to dispose of dead trees around Charleston.

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The tree downtown Charleston probably won’t fit in a yard waste bin.

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Sure, the holidays are all fun and games — but if you celebrate Christmas, you know that sooner or later you have to deal with that “Night of the Living Dead” tree in the corner. That doesn’t mean it’s dumpster-bound. Instead, we have some tips on how to put an old tree to good use.

Curbside pickup

Some municipalities under Charleston County will recycle your tree for you: all you have to do is bring it out to the curb for your usual pickup day. To make sure it gets properly recycled, you’ll need to remove the tinsel, garland, tree stand + ornaments before bringing it out.

Drop-off recycling

Maybe you just can’t wait for curbside pickup. Drop the tree off yourself at Charleston County’s McGill Bees Ferry Compost Facility or any staffed center — excluding the Signal Point Road location. Be sure to properly secure the tree to your car if you opt for this route. Pro tip: Don’t forget Charleston County Proof of Residency — it’s required.

Natural feeders

Give back to Mother Nature by making a natural bird feeder. Get creative with edible ornaments (think: orange-apple garlands and peanut butter pine cones), then set the tree out for birds to eat + take shelter. If your property includes a pond or lake, you can toss in the tree to make a natural reef, giving local fish a home.

Make your own mulch

When you take a tree to a recycling center, they turn it into mulch anyway. So, why not use it for your own yard + spring garden? Ideally, you could shred the tree (for example, Home Depot has mulchers for rent), but usually, by the time the holidays are over, the needles will be falling off. You can spread them in garden beds or over the lawn.